Cruising the Erotic City´╗┐

As a part of the Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival we presented this one-day workshop and exploration of love and intentionality. We introduced collaborative tools to cruise Thessaloniki. Using our bodies and imaginations, we found ways to queer the erotic potentials and reclaim desires within the urban landscape to produce transformative mappings of lust. Leaving behind traces for others to discover, we revealed Eros, as an all-consuming force in the intermingling stories and lives of the city. Reading, walking, passing through, biographing objects, all embodied in our utopic interventions. The coming together of people unknown, intrigued by the sensuality of place, stimulated spontaneous, uncharted erotic encounters within the city. The methodology of cruising intends to become an instigator for continuity of our love and all its dynamic powers.
Download your own copy of Cruising the Erotic City  ZINE READER .
Carte Postales left erotic traces of our walk and explorations for others to find.