May 23-24, 2015    Athens Digital Arts Festival

For this workshop our “laboratory” was the neighborhood of Metaxourgeio which we  examined through the lens of a “shadow corporation” as a node of international flows of capital and materials which have made this working class district into a hub of global trade.

The laboratory looked at new emerging geographies where public space is transformed to economic zones, places of production, transport hubs and industrial facilities as well as spaces of illegal commercial transactions. Participants explored forgotten/invisible spaces, forming economic heterotopias of production. They will become enmeshed in a temporal network of immateriality by way of a selection of tactile objects that were dissect through a variety of theoretical tools and methodologies.

The shadow corporation “Metaxication Inc” links the workshop activities with the spatiality (Metaxourgeio), materiality (silk in Greek i.e. metaxi) and historiography (trade routes) of capital flows.