September 15-16, 2015   Hybrid City Conference

Have you ever thought, whatever you do, is data? In Metaxication Inc. we love data.

Metaxication Inc. is a well-established incorporation with high standards on the global market. We are a trustworthy and market-friendly business, engaging with innovation, entrepreneurship and professionalism. Understanding that international trade is the exchange of capital, services, information and knowledge beyond territories and borders. New geographies are emerging; special economic zones, spaces of transport, hubs of industrial facilities, which create structures of a global network of exchange.

This network should respond to the logistics of labor, production, transportation and distribution. Hence, the capital flows and the invisible global financial circle grows. data is travelling all over the globe utilizing primary components of evolving logistical cities having an effect in space, time, society, labor and economy. Invisible and visible in the scale of the city to understand the interaction of the market with the components of the city. Structuring and ordering endless amounts of data by the city’s inhabitants and its infrastructure is a way to generate new knowledge about the city. Our goal is to exploit this information making better sense of the value that data can offer. The visualized knowledge becomes a subject for observation influencing future decisions not only for the economy but also for the logistics of the city.