June 4, 2016  Athens School of Fine Arts Performance Festival 

Metaxication Inc., a well-established corporation, is looking for passionate multitasking people holding critical thinking and organisation skills to share views and ideas for the foundation of a start-up company. The executives of Metaxication Inc. will present the corporation´s goals and methodology to potential new employees and investors. Through digital/visual and analogue/performative means as a point of departure, this focus group and strategic planning session are designed to launch future collaborations. We hope to see you there and together create utopian plans.

As Metaxication Inc. is a mock company, the presumed void behind the company’s structure and the impersonation of the executives´ roles, can be potentially perceived as the utopian space, the white screen to project our [the executives´ and the people´s] desires, hopes, visions and dreams that will nourish the future start-up.